Leonard's Skipper Hesperia leonardus

Related to the Cobweb Skipper in the large grass skipper genus Hesperia but nothing like the Cobweb. Leonard's has its own shade of rich red-brown which is distinctive, especially when they are nectaring near other skippers. Can be identified from long distances by this color in the places where they are found. Range has been extended south in Arkansas with some new colonies found in the Arkansas River valley. A late summer species.

Display shot showing the rich color again. Not sure what the foreleg position is about. Have not seen skippers perching in this manner often. Note the dark colors contrasting with the red-brown.

David Arbour's Leonard's from Polk county showing the nice exposed outersurface of the forewing.

Leonard's from Newton county along the Buffalo in Sept 2015. Made me chase it all over the rocks.