Juvenal's Duskywing Erynnis juvenalis

And yet another Duskywing. This is a very early male Juvenal's. Note the large amount of gray on the wings. And the zigzag spotline of white. This is a larger butterfly than the majority of eastern DWs. The Horace's Duskywing is the main confuser as always. This was taken on the 1st of April by Norm in NE Arkansas and that would be early for a Horace's though not out of the question. The spots on the underwing are diagnostic but you will find that the cooperation level for seeing these "underneath" spots is not always what you would like. Note that I don't have a picture of one yet.

More typical but still early E. juvenalis. Note the hairiness again and scaling. Less distinct wrist spot.

The sneaky double underwing spots of the Juvenal's amidst the copper-brown tone.

Male individual with some blue and green overtones that I never noticed.

Sexual pair with the spots showing. You can almost see genitals touching and exposed here.

The 2015 version in my meadow, trying to show those spots beneath. On a blackberry bud.