Horace's Duskywing Erynnis horatius

The most common of the difficult Duskywing group in Arkansas. Striking when fresh with purples, coppers, browns and creams. This is a female. Males are darker overall and less marked or iridescent. Horace's almost always have the inner white spot (at the "wrist") set off from the outer line of spots which is often in a cluster of four with a separate double spot (as in this female). Very similar to the Juvenal's Duskywing but the female is less lustrous and the wrist spot is usually less pronounced.

Beneath the hindwing, as noted in most guides, the Juvenal's Duskywing has a pair of spots that can be seen with effort when the butterflies are perched or nectaring. You have to peek underneath when they tilt just right on the flower tops. Not always easy, sometimes you are just left calling them Duskywings and being happy about it.

Male showing the darker color overall and the slightly diminished spots especially the wrist spot (though you can still make it out here). The four-spot line on the Horace's often shows the definite zig-zag.

A see-through shot of a Horace's male with the prominent inner wrist spot positively shining. On Juvenal's Duskywing in this position the spots on the hindwing would be visible as well.

A female in the striking light on the Verbena out front on Round mountain.