Hoary Edge Achalarus lyciades

Related to the Cloudywings, it doesn't much look like one. Always looked more like a Silver-spotted Skipper gone slightly off. That back hindwing looks powdered or dusted up. This is a fast and bouncy skipper that likes breaks in the woods, especially old roadways with tall vegetation along the road. I find them often perched up on the leaf tops in those breaks. Flushed, like the Silver-spots, they will fly down and back and land near the same leafy perch. Open-winged, they will fool you into thinking they are Silver-spots.

That is his rock. And he doesn't want to discuss it. I stopped beside this perch and he just kept coming back to it. At one flight he almost decided that the top of my head was a better spot and then he changed his mind.

The April specimen from Round Mountain doing the blackberry blooms like virtually everything else. Note the orange pattern above and the fresh edges.

And the upper surfaces also on blackberry. With the white peaking through on the back edges.

Another stick Verbena lover. Shot through the golden spots.