Hayhurst's Scallopwing Staphylus hayhurstii

A dark and "rumpled" butterfly. Banded with coppers and deep browns, peppered with shining specks in good light. Lands and opens its wings immediately. I have never seen the wings closed on this butterfly. It has a distinctive flight and perching style once seen. Tends to turn in slow circles when perched. With a good view it can only be confused with the Sootywing unless you are in Texas where the only other Scallopwing species occurs. Much smaller butterfly than most of the Duskywings. Abundant in local eruptions but generally sporadic. I rarely see them mudding.

View from the front showing the relatively plain exterior (I've never seen the wings closed).

Side view on a specimen from the pots on my back porch. Stayed around for several days. Again, note the starry sky pattern in good light. And the white face.