Harvester Feniseca tarquinius

A butterfly that appears almost mystically. And, as stated by most butterfly guides, our only carnivorous butterfly as a caterpillar. The larvae feed on aphids that inhabit specific trees. I have never seen this magnificent sight (the cats mixing it up with larvae). The butterfly seems to favor riverine habitats and areas near large lakes and ponds. I have seen them nectaring on dead fish. Impressive beauties wherever they appear. Rusts and creams and coppers in a fine pattern. Harvesters are tailless.

This excellent choice of background by the butterfly elevates this shot. Note Tom's risky thin stripe of focus across the shot. This guy is flashing some of the darker underspots of the forewing.

They always appear out of nowhere. And always seem to be near water. The spot shapes are highly variable.

This may be a butterfly I can't stop taking pictures of. This one from Hurricane Wilderness in Johnson county.

David Oakley's home event in NW Arkansas. Very few finer things to have in your yard in the butterfly world.

The triumphant shot of Cheryl's showing the eggs going in on some Smilax that had a nice Aphid colony.

The nearby even more triumphant find by Cheryl of the caterpillar among aphids.