Hackberry Emperor Asterocampa celtis

Ah, the Hack. This is a rather creamy light one. They come in all shades of gray and brown apparently. This one seems to be tasting this leaf. I don't know why. They don't nectar often. They do like sweaty humans. Possibly more than any other butterfly. I have flushed a mass of them and then walked off with eight or nine on me. They've stayed on my hat for miles and miles. They like truck metal and nice piles of dung. What is not to like about this butterfly. Often found near the Hackberry trees that they were possibly born on. Can be confused with the Tawny Emperor, but you'd have to work at it.

What happens when you place a pile of horse dung near a Hackberry tree in summer.

Hack interior.

Hackberry chrys with a fine ridge and spaceage form overall.  

And the luscious green fore-horned Hackberry cat. Compare with the Tawny cat in Wagner's book on page 131.