Gulf Fritillary Agraulis vanillae

The butterfly that started all the trouble in my household. Showed up at our house in a glass box from Central America first. Then, while we were studying this butterfly mummy gift, they showed up in our back yard on a transplanted and rescued Passion Vine. We were amazed. One of two butterflies we have reared and hatched inside from our yard as well. (Silvery Checkerspot is the other.)

A very fancy creature. Striking inside and out, long-winged and flutter-flighted, all butterflies should be so impressive.

Some slight wear on the tips on this one, but still wow. Nothing else in Arkansas is that bright. In Florida the Julia, a close relation, has this color.

Sexual union from John Redman during a boom year. 2010 and 2011 have been down years for the species. My Passion Flowers remain virtually untouched.

The gulf cat on the structure supporting our passion vines. Looks spiny but not really treacherous in hand. 

The gulf cat on the passion vines from another angle. 

The fresh pupa on a structure near the same passion vines. 



The pineapple dimpled egg. In extraordinary detail.