Georgia Satyr Neonympha areolata

A southeastern satyr that is not common anywhere. It has now been determined to be two species. And the one species just makes it into south Arkansas though it is not found easily here. All of our USGS records are likely for the Helicta Satyr, Neonympha helicta. Georgia is more coastal. There were no modern records for either species in AR until below shots from the Baldwins. They occur in the lower tier of counties in AR where not many people search for them. Both are related to the rare Mitchell's Satyr N. mitchellii which may occur in sites not yet identified farther west than the Carolinas. It should always be looked for. The Georgia/Helicta has the bobbing endless flight of many of the satyrs. This one was taken in the Florida grasslands by Eric.

And from south Arkansas, the first modern shot in the state, one that has Georgia markings though many of these are apparently not separable by appearance. See belows shot from the same general area.  
TTThe same area in Calhoun county and the very Helicta appearance. Note rounded hindwing spots. And the narrower brown bands on the forewing.