Funereal Duskywing Erynnis funeralis

The boldly marked and distinctive Duskywing species in our state. That white hindwing margin is the kicker here. In the west there are other white-margined species. This butterfly also has a narrower forewing which gives it a different shape when open. And I have not seen one without the prominent copper wrist patch. Formerly thought to be a vagrant here, it is likely to be found eventually in nearly every county. The newest guide (Kaufman) shows the whole state of Arkansas for its range. Previously just the western edge of the state was mapped. It is more common in the western counties. I have been to trips in the southwestern portion of the state where it was the commonest Duskywing. Uses Sesbania, one of the Rattlebushes, and other legumes for its caterpillar fodder.

The paired event. Bo and I found this pair dangling along the roadside in Camp Robinson proper on butterfly count day in June 2013. We drove by and then backed up to see what this was on the grass. Obviously this species breeds in our county now.