Fiery Skipper Hylephila phyleus

One of the most common skippers in the east along with the Sachem. This male is strongly marked. Note the orange that extends almost completely to the posterior edge. Females are much less marked. Both have the dark spotting exteriorly (see next shot). A Bermuda grass feeder in the caterpillar stage. This makes this one of the commonest suburban yard skippers. Often seen cruising over lawns to lay its eggs. The early caterpillars descend into the roots, effectively avoiding the mower blades.

Exterior view of the Fiery Skipper. Males are more strongly spotted than the females. Some appear almost spotless. This fine shot was taken by my daughter.

Interior view of the female Fiery Skipper. Males with more orange than the females. Fast and distinctive. Common nectarers at the end of summer.

Exterior of a male and female. From Bell also in 2017. They were running the levee on the north side and chasing each other like crazy things. Fewer spots is often the female but here I think the smaller male is less spotted.