Eastern Comma Polygonia comma

One of the anglewings. There are three species in the east. That mark on the hindwing is supposed to be a comma. Actually looks like a mortally wounded parentheses. The Question Mark, the other common anglewing, has a dot and a dashed curve going for it. Looking more like a question mark than this looks like a comma. It separates them anyway. And Commas are generally more orangish than QMs as this one is. Anglewings in general like to hang out in forested areas and on the roads nearby. This one is enjoying one of the butterfly's favorite flavors. Poop.

It is the rich orange interior of the Comma. Often the hindwings are much richer than in the Question Mark. And I think the dark form of the Comma is much less common. Note the defining character from above is the trio of spots across the middle of the forewing. The QM has four spots in this row. Compare the edges to the Gray Comma as well.

And the topside of a darker form from Round Mountain in August. Compare with the Question Mark dark for here. The dot count remains reliable.