Eastern Tailed-Blue Everes comyntas

Often qualifies for the commonest butterfly on any walk in the summer in the east. Loves to puddle in masses with sulphurs and other butterflies. Sometimes seen in the hundreds in one good mud hole. Females are dark gray above and the males are a flashy blue. Sexes are similarly spotted on the outside. Azures have no orange markings and lack the long tails of the Tailed-Blue. Otherwise distinctive in most of the east.

The male interior which is really worth staring into for prolonged periods.

The male interior again in 2011 in the Round Mountain meadow in April.

The duo mating ritual from Tom. And another fine shot from 2012.

The ditto action from Lonoke in 2017.  

The Cassius Blue, Leptotes cassius, from Panama which also occurs in TX and FL. Note the banding and this is similar to the Marine Blue, Leptotes marina, which is common in the SW and TX. Several of the southern blues are present all the way into the Central American tropics. . 

The Ceraunus Blue, Hemiargus ceraunus, was known from mostly TX and Fl and in 2012 made northern range extensions into NW LA and then once alerted to this fact Charles Mills found one in AR for a first state record in October. It was near the Millwood dam. Charles returned over the next week and found at least four to five more of both sexes all in Hempstead county on the flowers near the dam.

The other shot, or one of several fine ones Charles collected in that week. I wish I had taken it.