Dukes' Skipper Euphyes dukesi

A large rounded skipper with a very slow flight. Flutters like a large chocolaty Least Skipper. Virtually unmarked dark brown inside with the rich copper orange exterior. Fresh individuals show two rays of lighter color on the hindwing. Closely colonial in places which makes them occasionally abundant. But mostly found in ones and twos in the right wet habitat. Almost all wet areas will do, from swamps to roadside wet ditches with the various sedges (Carex) that serve for the caterpillar foodplant.

Pristine inner chocolate and red-browns of the open Dukes'. This is the male. The female usually has at least two light spots inside the forewing surface.

Hatch in September 2011 on the property. Open shot showing the inner hindwing pattern.

Another side shot from the Round Mountain hatch, this time in 2007.

And a 2011 Dukes interior as well.

And a 2012 Dukes' from Craighead for comparison. Fresher, brighter.

And with some work I now have a larger stand of thistle with the active 2011 Dukes in September as well.

Norm's fine Dukes' from Craighead. I think it was in his yard. The areas outside the yard were droughting down to nothing.

The hatch on my property in 2013. A boom year with over 200 seen this one morning. Robbers were eating Dukes. Spiders were eating Dukes. As here. Note the skipper on the right is still free living. The skipper on the left is breakfast for the crab spider. There was a third Dukes on top of this small flower.