Delaware Skipper Anatrytone logan

The always striking Delaware Skipper loves creek and clearwater habitats and the woods and flowers nearby. The orange of the males always extends further toward the rear of the forewing border than in the Byssus Skipper. Overall the orange of the Delaware is glossier and cleaner than the Byssus. And viewed with wings closed the dark window of the forewing is much less visible. The first Delaware I ever encountered landed on the top of my head while I waded a clear stream in north Arkansas. Fortunately for me and the skipper I asked my daughter what was sitting on my head before I swatted it. "A very orange skipper Dad," she said, which saved the butterfly's life.

Open male Delaware showing the rich orange and the narrow black posterior margin with the dark veins.

Exterior Delaware showing the clear and striking orange color of fresh individuals. This one also found streamside with many others in the same area.

Delaware on a thistle bloom in Cleburne county. Quite a few skippers out that day and then very few on count day in Faulkner county the next day.