Coral Hairstreak Satyrium titus

Named for the color of the hindwing spots, this can be a showstopper of a Hairstreak. This species of milkweed is a magnet for it. And in the western Ouachita Mountains in summer it is rarer to find one of these plants without a Coral than with one. Often found in groups once you locate them. Not easily mistaken for any of the other Hairstreaks. But note the absence of blue in the hindwing and the lack of a tail of any kind.

Individual from my home property. Have only seen this species once in the area. Ran for the camera. Note the brownish tones in this one. Much more fusion of the orange markings.

In 2013 on the butterfly count we found two Corals locally. Bo and I saw them both at Camp Robinson proper in flowers along the roadside. They are still not that common in central AR. This one has a nice slot out of the hindwing. Beautiful spotting though. And the blue spring sky beyond.