Bronze Copper Lycaena hyllus (anomalous coloration)

I hesitated to even put this one up. Confounded the experts for awhile. And when I eventually get some looks at the flight pattern of the normal Bronzes I'll get back to you. We were convinced this was Arkansas' first Gray Copper. Either species is rare enough in the state. This was in the northeast corner in a stand of Thalia which was sheltering a breeding population of Brazilian Skippers. We were not looking for Coppers but they do like roadside ditches as well. Normal Bronze Coppers have a large blush of orange on the exterior forewing. And that posterior band on the hindwing is usually pretty rich orange as well. This looked like a giant azure initially. The lack of orange is certainly not from wear. I will add a normal shot when I have one.

Interior shot of a normal Bronze Copper from Norm Lavers' northeast Arkansas population. This is the male upper. Note the plain coppers and browns and the bright orange border which carries over to the exterior wing side in normal individuals such as this.

And the dazzling female Bronze looks like a different animal. Compare with the below species.

Shot of the less common American Copper with the much brighter orange exterior forewing. Rich orange spotted inside. Mostly north Arkansas and spring or early summer.

Full exterior shot from the same area in Baxter county. Apparently heavy nectar lovers there.

And wow at the western coppers. Most common butterfly along a trail above the lovely town of Minton CO. This is the Ruddy Copper, Lycaena rubidus.  This is the male and they are just hypnotically rich on the inside. Intense color I will have to steal for a background color.