Common Roadside-Skipper Amblyscirtes vialis

The other dark Roadside-Skipper species in the east that is at least fairly common. I find this species only very sporadically. Bell's is much more spackled with white on the hindwing and, additionally, the white forewing wedge on the Common is more triangular. The silvery frosting is variable in this species with the one pictured being on the more silvered end of things. The Linda's Roadside-Skipper which occurs only in Arkansas and Missouri is much more localized in the mountainous regions in rich woodlands. It is always highly silvered and its foodplant is Chasmanthium, Inland Oats.

Frosted close-up of another spring Common. You can almost see the zigzag of the Bell's RS peaking through the front edge of the frosting.

Inner shot of a late August brood member from Bell. The second brood is supposedly much rarer. It was loving this Lespedeza

And the outside of the late August brood member. With eyeflash.