Carolina Satyr Hermeuptychia sosybius

That other brown, dotted satyr in the east. Often confused with the Little Wood-Satyr. But, with this exterior view, the Little WS has two dark spots up and two down while the Carolina has one dark dominant spot on the outer forewing. Sometimes even that one is faint. With wings open the Carolina is easily separated by its plain gray-brown sunny side. The LWS has four dark spots above that show through. Common in Arkansas. Sometimes found with Gemmed and LWS.

Took until 2015 for me to get another side shot of this satyr. Odd. And I think that top shot was taken with my original small Sony. This one was taken in Big Creek Natural area. I don't see many of this species on my own property. Love that facial profile.   
The only topside shot I have. Same individual in the morning sun at Big Creek.