of Central America

The tropics stun with metalmark species. Or, well, the possibility of metalmarks anyway. Many are not common or are localized. Many poorly defined by range or limited to certain altitudes, slopes or specific mountains. Many may fly only high in the canopy most of their lives. List focuses on Belize and Costa Rica. Some Panama species now added. May not include all higher elevation species for now. Common names from Glassberg.



          eudocia (Godman and Salvin) 1897 (Tiny Adelo) BZ CR

          glauca (Godman and Salvin, [1886]) CR



          inca (Saunders 1850) (Inca Swordtail) BZ CR PA

          jurgensenii (Saunders 1850) (Jurgensenís Swordtail) BZ CR PA



          allectus Westwood, 1851 CR

          carausius carausius Westwood, 1851 (Carousing Jewelmark) BZ CR

          chrysoprastus roratus Godman and Salvin, 1886 (Elegant Jewelmark) CR

          formosus micon Druce, 1875 (Black-bellied Jewelmark) CR

          kupris Hewitson, 1875 CR

          renaldus indigator Stichel, 1911 CR



          hypoglauca (Godman and Salvin, 1878) (Sealpoint Metalmark) BZ

          multiplaga Schaus, 1902 (Narrow-winged Metalmark) BZ CR

          walkeri Godman and Salvin, 1886 (Walkerís Metalmark) CR



          barine (Staudinger, 1887) CR

          crocea (Godman and Salvin, 1878) CR

          leptographia (Stichel, 1911) CR

          stilbe (Godart, 1824) (Dotted Metalmark) BZ CR

          sublimis Brevignon & Gallard, 1995 CR



          barce Hewitson, 1875 (Tiny Yellowmark) BZ CR

          nesaea Godman and Salvin, 1889 CR

          sulphurea (R. Felder, 1869) (Polka-dotted Yellowmark) BZ CR

          zonata R. Felder, 1869 (Square-spotted Yellowmark) BZ CR



          godmanii (Dewitz, 1877) (Giant Metalmark) BZ CR



          dodone (Godman and Salvin, 1886) (Orange-bellied Metalmark) BZ CR

          esthema C. & R. Felder, 1862 CR


Calephelis (Extremely disorganized genera with many undescribed species)

          argyrodines (Bates, 1866) BZ CR

          browni McAlpine, 1971 BZ CR

          costaricola Strand, 1916 CR

          exiguus Austin, 1993 CR

          fulmen Stichel, 1910 CR BZ

          inca McAlpine, 1971 CR

          iris (Staudinger, 1876) CR

          laverna (Godman and Salvin, 1880) BZ CR

          perditalis Barnes & McDunnough, 1918 (Rounded Metalmark) BZ CR

          schausi McAlpine, 1971 CR

          sixola McAlpine, 1971 (Greater Scintillant) CR PA

          sodalis Austin, 1993 CR

          stallingsi McAlpine, 1971 BZ

          velutina (Godman and Salvin 1878) (Temple Scintillant) BZ CR

          wellingi McAlpine, 1971 BZ

          yucatana McAlpine, 1971 BZ



          ictericum (Godman and Salvin, 1878) CR

          nycteus (Godman and Salvin, [1886]) (Brown-and-white Metalmark) CR




          lilina (Butler 1870) (White-posted Metalmark) BZ CR



          asteria Stichel 1911 CR

          cilissa (Hewitson, 1862) BZ CR

          hemileuca (Bates, 1868) CR

          lucianus (Fabricius, 1793) CR PA

          pelarge (Godman & Salvin, 1878) (Orange-inposted Grayler) BZ CR



          lusca (Geyer, [1835]) CR BZ

          sturnula (Geyer, 1837) (Snappy Mottlemark) BZ CR

          venusta Godman and Salvin, [1886] (Sinuous Mottlemark) BZ CR



          domitianus (Fabricius, 1793) (Small-patched Greenmark) BZ CR

          martinea (C. & R. Felder, 1861) (Brilliant Greenmark) BZ CR

          rhacotis (Godman and Salvin, 1878) (Hackberry Greenmark) CR



          poeciloptera (Godman and Salvin 1878) CR



          aemulius (Fabricius, 1793) PA

          adelina (Butler, 1872) CR PA



          anius (Cramer, [1776]) (Anius Scintillant) CR PA



          chaonitis (Hewitson 1866) (Stained Scintillant) BZ CR

          lypera (Bates 1868) (Dull Scintillant) CR



          cydonia Stichel, 1910 (Northern Beemark) CR



          argenteum argenteum (Bates 1866) (Silvery Metalmark) BZ CR



          octauius (Fabricius 1787) CR PA



          ignicauda (Godman and Salvin 1878) CR



          leucoplaga Schaus 1913 CR



          thasus subrutila Stichel 1910 (Prison Metalmark) BZ CR PA



          martia Westwood [1851] CR



          barnesi Hall and Harvey, 2001 (Cloaked Scintillant) BZ CR

          hermodora (Felder and Felder, 1861) CR

          nicolayi (Hall and Harvey, 2001) CR PA

          smalli (Hall and Harvey, 2001) PA

          zama (Bates, 1868) PA



          arnacis Stichel. 1928 BZ

          aurimma (Boisduval, 1870) (White-spotted Tanmark) BZ CR PA

          cypria C & R Felder 1861 (Orange-striped Tanmark) BZ CR

          fatimella nobilata Stichel, 1910 (Sharp Tanmark) CR

          emesia (Hewitson, 1867) (Curved-wing Metalmark) BZ CR

          liodes (Godman and Salvin 1886) (Mexican Tanmark) BZ

          lucinda aurimna (Boisduval 1870) (Lucinda Metalmark) BZ PA

          lupina (Godman and Salvin 1886) (Little Tanmark) BZ CR

          mandana furor (Butler and Druce, 1872) (Great Tanmark) BZ CR PA

          ocypore (Geyer, 1837) (Dark Tanmark) BZ CR

          tegula Godman and Salvin, 1886 (Bow-winged Tanmark) BZ CR

          tenedia tenedia Felder and Felder, 1861 (Falcate Metalmark) BZ CR

          vimena Schaus, 1928 (Schausí Tanmark) BZ CR

          vulpina Godman and Salvin, [1886] (Veracruz Metalmark) BZ

          zela Butler, 1870 (Zela Metalmark) BZ CR



          alicia (Bates, 1865) (Guatemalan Redhead) BZ CR

          clonia Felder and Felder 1865 (Common Redhead) BZ CR

          colaxes Hewitson 1870 CR PA

          pherephatte (Godart 1824) (Phat Redhead) CR



          caerulescens fulgens Stichel 1910 (Caerulescens Sheenmark) CR

          cyclopia Stichel (Cyclopís Sheenmark) CR

          elvina elvina Stichel 1910 (Blind Sheenmark) BZ CR

          halimede (Hubner 1807) CR BZ

          lycisca Westwood 1851 (Blue-winged Sheenmark) BZ CR PA

          patrona Weymer 1874 (Great Sheenmark) CR PA

          unxia Godman and Salvin 1885 CR


Euselasia (Sombermarks)

          amphidecta (Godman and Salvin 1878) CR

          angulata Bates, 1868 CR

          argentea (Hewitson, 1871) (Orange-spotted Sombermark) CR

          aurantia (Butler & Druce, 1872) CR

          aurantiaca (Salvin & Godman, 1868) (Fiery Sombermark) CR

          fervida (Hewitson, 1871) CR

          chrysippe (Bates, 1866) (Golden Sombermark) CR

          corduena (Hewitson, 1874) CR

          eucrates (Hewitson, 1872) CR

          eubule (R. Felder, 1969) (Dusky Sombermark) BZ CR

          euoras (Hewitson, [1855]) CR

          eusepus (Hewitson, [1853]) CR

          gyda (Hewitson, 1860) CR

          hieronymi (Salman and Godman, 1868) (Red-rayed Sombermark) BZ

          inconspicua (Godman and Salvin, 1878) (Inconspicuous Sombermark) CR

          labdacus (Stoll 1780) CR

          leucon (Schaus, 1913) CR

          leucophryna (Schaus, 1913) CR

          matuta (Schaus, 1913) CR

          midas crotopiades Stichel 1919 CR

          mys (Herrich-Schaffer, [1853]) (Confused Sombermark) BZ

          mystica Schaus 1913 (Mystical Sombermark) CR

          onorata (Hewitson 1869) (Very Rare) CR

          portentosa Stichel, 1927 CR

          procula (Godman and Salvin 1885) (Orange-costa Sombermark) BZ CR

          pusilla (R. Felder, 1869) (Pearly Sombermark) BZ

          regipennis regipennis (Butler and Druce 1872) (Purple-topped Sombermark) BZ CR

          rhodogyne patella Stichel 1927 CR

          sergia sergia (Godman and Salvin 1885) (Transitional Sombermark) CR

          subargentea (Lathy, 1904) CR



          noctula Westwood 1851 (White-rayed Sombermark) BZ CR



          candidata Hewitson, 1874 CR

          oweni Schaus, 1913 (White Metalmark) CR



          argenissa (Stoll, 1790) CR

          lasthenes (Hewitson, 1870) CR

          martia (Godman, 1903) CR

          sudias (Hewitson, 1858) (White-banded Grayler) BZ CR

          zeurippa Boisduval, [1836] (Mexican Grayler) BZ CR



          argyrtus (Cramer, [1777]) (Yellow-based Metalmark) BZ



          caucana (Stichel, 1911) (Common Lemmark) BZ CR

          dorilis dorilis (Bates 1866) CR PA

          odites (Cramer, [1775]) CR



          agesilas callaina Clench 1972 (Black-patched Bluemark) BZ CR

          maria Clench, 1972 (Gray Bluemark) BZ

          meris (Stoll, [1781]) (Variegated Bluemark) BZ CR

          oileus Godman, 1903 (Dark Bluemark) CR

          pseudomeris Clench, 1972 CR

          sessilus Schaus, 1890 (Somber Bluemark) BZ CR

          sula Staudinger, 1888 (Blue Metalmark) BZ CR



          lagora Herrich-Schaffer 1853 CR PA

          lepida (Godman and Salvin, [1885]) (Satyr Eyemark) BZ CR

          molina (Godman and Salvin, [1885]) CR

          vestalis leucogaea (Godman and Salvin 1885) (White Eyemark) BZ CR



          lyra Saunders, 1859 (Cherry-bordered Metalmark) CR



          cephise (Menetries, 1855) (White-rayed Pixie) BZ CR

          electron (Fabricius, 1793) (Orange-barred Pixie) BZ CR

          pixie pixie (Boisduval, [1836]) (Red-bordered Pixie) BZ

          pixie sanguinea (Stichel, 1910) (Red-bordered Pixie) CR



          laobotas (Hewitson, 1875) CR

          menander purpurata (Godman and Salvin, 1878) (Shining Blue Grayler) CR

          pretus picta (Godman and Salvin, 1886) CR


Mesene (Geomarks)

          croceella Bates 1865 (Guatemalan Geomark) BZ CR

          leucopus Godman and Salvin, [1886] (White-legged Geomark) BZ

          margaretta semiradiata Felder and Felder 1865 (Zebra-tipped Geomark) BZ CR

          mygdon Schaus 1913 CR

          phareus rubella Bates 1865 (Cell-barred Geomark) BZ CR

          silaris Godman and Salvin (Yellow Geomark) 1878 CR



          bryaxis (Hewitson 1870) CR


Mesosemia (Eyemarks)

          albipuncta Schaus, 1913 CR

          asa Hewitson, 1869 CR

          carissima Bates, 1866 (Carissima Eyemark) CR

          ceropia Druce, 1874 CR

          coelestis Godman and Salvin, 1885 CR

          esparanza Schaus, 1913 CR

          gaudiolum Bates, 1865 (Gaudy Eyemark) BZ CR

          grandis Druce, 1874 CR

          harveyi DeVries & Hall, 1996 CR

          hesperina Butler, 1874 (Hesperina Eyemark) CR PA

          hypermegala Stichel, 1909 CR

          lamachus Hewitson, 1857 (Purple-washed Eyemark) BZ CR

          telegone (Boisduval, [1836]) BZ CR PA

          zonalis (Godman and Salvin, 1885) (Zonalis Eyemark) CR



          victrix Hewitson 1870 CR



          cecilia chrysomela (Butler 1872) CR



          albertus C. & R. Felder, 1862 CR



          danforthi Warren & Opler, 1999 (Sonoran Metalmark) BZ

          eucharila (Bates, 1867) (White-stitched Metalmark) CR BZ

          theages theages (Godman and Salvin, 1878) (White-spotted Metalmark) CR

          umbra (Boisduval, 1870) (Quilted Metalmark) CR BZ



          duellona larunda Godman & Salvin, 1885 (Ray-bordered Metalmark) CR

          ingaretha Hewitson, 1872 CR



          erota (Cramer 1780) (Two-oranges Metalmark) CR BZ



          ascolia Hewitson 1853 (Creamy Hemmark) CR

          azanoides occidentalis Callaghan 1986 CR

          haematostictum (Godman and Salvin 1878) CR

          lenocinium Schaus 1913 CR

          mantus (Cramer 1775) CR

          olinda Bates, 1865 CR

          onaeum Hewitson 1869 (Red-spotted Hemmark) CR



          gigas Godman and Salvin, 1878 (Sun-and-moon Metalmark) CR



          elegans (Schaus 1920) (Fire-banded Metalmark) CR BZ



          glaucoma splendida Butler 1867 (Falcate Grayler) CR



          lasus (Westwood 1851) (Orange-flushed Eyemark) CR BZ

          tullius (Fabricius 1787) (Tullius Eyemark) CR



          ignipicta Schaus 1913 CR



          bicolor (Godman and Salvin, [1886]) CR

          eulesca (Dyer, 1909) (Mexican Mimicmark) CR BZ

          melanchroia (Felder and Felder 1865) (Melancholy Mimicmark) BZ



          phoenicura (Godman and Salvin 1886) CR

          sagaris (Cramer 1775) CR BZ

          tyriotes (Godman and Salvin 1878) (Golden-banded Metalmark) CR



          corculum (Stichel 1929) CR BZ



          agave (Godman and Salvin 1886) (White-trailed Metalmark) CR BZ

          clearista (Butler 1871) (Clearing Metalmark) CR BZ



          arcius castigatus Stichel 1909 (Swordtailed Beautymark) CR BZ

          dysonii (Saunders, 1850) CR

          periander naevianus Stichel 1910 (Variable Beautymark) BZ CR PA



          acantus (Stoll 1782) CR

          chocoensis Hall, 1998 PA

          chrysus (Stoll 1782) (Common Jewelmark) BZ CR

          craspediodonta (Dyar, 1918) BZ

          estrada Schaus 1928 (Brown-legged Jewelmark) BZ CR

          gamelia Godman and Salvin [1886] (Bar-coded Jewelmark) CR PA

          gyas (Cramer, [1775]) PA

          myrtea Godman and Salvin [1886] (White-checkered Jewelmark) CR BZ

          neglecta Stichel 1910 CR

          psaros Godman and Salvin [1886] (Pearly Jewelmark) CR BZ

          subtessallata (Schaus 1913) CR PA

          turrialbensis (Schaus 1913) CR



          alcmaeon alcmaeon (Hewitson 1876) CR

          cleomedes (Hewitson 1870) CR

          lagus jansoni (Butler 1870) (Common Setabis) CR PA



          accusatrix Westwood 1851 (Feathered Fiestamark) BZ CR

          leena leena Hewitson 1870 CR

          phaedra (Bates 1868) BZ CR

          probetor (Stoll [1782]) (Red-lead Fiestamark) BZ CR PA

          rubina rubina Bates 1866 (Stripe-tipped Fiestamark) BZ CR

          threissa Hewitson 1870 CR

          tricolor hedemanni (R. Felder 1869) (Tricolored Fiestamark) BZ CR PA

          xypete (Hewitson 1870) CR



          mycone (Hewitson, 1865) (Variable Lemmark) BZ CR PA

          nymphidioides (Butler, 1872) (Greater Lemmark) CR BZ

          ochra (Bates, 1868) (Dreamy Lemmark) CR

          palaeste (Hewitson, 1865) CR



          aethiops Staudinger 1888 CR

          nyx (Huber 1817) CR



          acosma Stichel, 1910 CR

          archimedes (Fabricius, 1793) CR

          bacenis Schaus, 1890 (Curve-lined Theope) CR BZ

          barea Godman and Salvin, 1878 (Brown-posted Theope) CR

          basilea Bates, 1866 CR PA

          cratylus Godman and Salvin, 1886 (Scallop-patched Theope) CR PA

          decorata Godman and Salvin, 1878 CR

          devriesi Hall and Willmott, 1996 (DeVriesí Theope) CR

          eudocia pulchralis Stichel, 1910 CR

          eupolis Schaus, 1890 (Guatemalan Theope) CR BZ

          guillaumei cecropia Devries and Hall, 1996 CR

          lycaenina Bates, 1868 CR

          matuta Godman and Salvin, 1897 CR

          nycteis (Westwood, 1851) CR

          pedias isia Godman and Salvin, 1878 (Extroverted Theope) CR BZ

          publius Felder and Felder, 1861 (Bell-banded Theope) CR BZ

          speciosa Godman and Salvin, 1897 CR

          thootes Hewitson, 1860 CR BZ

          virgilius (Fabricius, 1793) (Common Theope) CR BZ



          irenea (Stoll, 1780) (Sailorís Lemmark) BZ

          lycorias (Hewitson, 1853) (Fox-face Lemmark) BZ

          ucubis (Hewitson, 1870) CR



          radiata (Godman and Salvin, [1886]) CR

          theata Stichel, 1910 CR



          desora Schaus, 1928 CR

          helius (Cramer, 1779) CR

          nigrivenata Schaus, 1913 CR