Common Wood-Nymph Cercyonis pegala

Often the largest and most common satyr species in a given summer area. With strong variations in numbers from year to year. Likes open and brushy areas and woodland margins. Can be extremely abundant, popping up every four or five paces in the most concentrated areas. Camp Robinson WDA may have the most concentrated population in the region some years. May be related to the burning program but I'm not sure. Regionally variable in the extent of the yellow window in the wing. In Arkansas I have never seen any without the prominent window. Supposedly this species nectars at flowers but I have never witnessed this personally.

Exterior shot with just a bit of the yellow window showing. Often hides the window completely.

Never noticed how variable the spot patterns can be or the striping. Compare this with the top shot. Six eyes here, four and a half there. Striping is much denser. Four spots in the shot above as well. Ah, diversity.