Byssus Skipper Problema byssus

The Byssus is probably more widespread than shown by present text maps in any book that depends on the USGS maps (most of them including Kaufman). Populations certainly extend into central Arkansas and thus between the mapped western and southeastern populations. They are avid lovers of Coneflower (Echinacea) in summer, inhabiting open woods and field breaks near water. This fresh individual spent a long spell frisking this bloom and posing. The dark window at the posterior portion of the forewing is a helpful mark to separate the Byssus from the other orange southern skippers.  

A Byssus Skipper mudding (on admittedly pretty dry looking mud). Note the dark window in the forewing hind border. And the rich orange coloration. Also note the nifty double hair part. I have no idea what that is about. But it seems consistent.

Byssus on a territorial perch at Bell Slough. The original site that I found these. They are there every year.

And a rare nectaring on the Coreopsis that dominates the open cuts at the Camp boundary zone. Nectar burns off this flower pretty early in the day. Again note the forewing keyhole.

From Bell, a female showing the fairly characteristic orange and black pattern for this very orange species.

And Rose's Baxter county female, very similar. Nice open hindwing view.