Broad-winged Skipper Poanes viator

An interesting marsh skipper. Glassberg does not show it in Arkansas. The USGS map shows it in the southeast corner. Norm Lavers has discovered a large local breeding population in the Phragmites stands around Big Lake in the northeast corner of the state and that is where this picture was taken. We have also found a few around the border of Lake Conway locally. And at Grassy Lake in the SW. Apparently the previously coastal population is following Phragmites stands away from the coast. There is a second population already around Phragmites in the Great Lakes region.

This one is nectaring on this fine Sagittaria bloom. In fact, I just waited next to this flower and the skippers came to it. Note the light golden band in the hindwing. It usually shows two smaller marks forming a sort of anchor shape. Inside there are some rich orange markings. Can be confused with the Dukes' Skipper which is also banded but Dukes' has no interior orange and it is darker and has a rounder wing profile.

And the male upper from the colony around the Camp Robinson WDA lake edges.

The colony expanding. On the butterfly count in 2017 Bo and I found a nice group on the north side of Bell along the lake edge where Phragmites has grown. Three or four miles as the crow flies frm the Camp water sites. We probably could have counted fifty or more along the whole edge. These were nicely marked exteriorly. And risked dragon death coming out of th reeds to these Fogfruit flowers.

The individuals were marke so they could be separated from one another. Rich skippers in this area.