Bordered Patch Chlosyne lacinia

In 2007 this butterfly raided the state of AR for the first time. And are you shocked to learn that Charles Mills got a really fine shot of one? He shot this the day after the state record was photographed in Jasper, Newton county, by Rose Maschek. And by Rosemary Seidler in Polk county. Apparently one of the most variable species in the US. The upper broad band varies from black to white to red to orange and yellow as here. This is the form common in TX and OK. It is most common in late summer and fall in its normal range and has strayed to KS UT and NE. Scott's map shows a stray range into IA and MO and MN. He also says only this form strays northward. Foodplants are in the Aster group especially sunflowers. May make it tough for the strays to lay eggs but who knows. Third stage larvae hibernate.

And from Texas where they are much more likely to be encountered, the side view from the Fischer's. Also superb. And a fine animal.