Baltimore Checkerspot Euphydryas phaeton

A big dazzling Checkerspot that occurs in our northern counties. In our area it eats Aureolaria species. In the east and NE it eats Turtlehead, Chelone, though Glassberg states that it has taken to English Plantain, Plantago in the NE as well. Lady sized and very active. These were in Searcy county and obviously enjoyed some Milkweed nectar.

Another individual from the same area taken by Norm. Probably a male.

And the exterior close from Cheryl.

From the Searcy county record of Ruth Andre. Remarkable reduced orange markings on the wing edges and reduced spotting on the body. From spring 2011.

And look at this five star cat shot from Ruth. Wow. And damn. Also from Searcy county. April 2012.

Followed by Ruth's five star chrysalis shot. Damn again.

Ant the False Foxglove plant that it eats on Ruth's hillside. Also eaten by Buckeye and we saw some Buckeye cats on it this date in June after the Baltimore adult flight was over.