Appalachian Azure Celastrina neglectamajor

The Appalachian Azure, Celestrina neglectamajor, occurs mainly in northern Arkansas. Notable for the unmarked wings and larger size.  The food plant it uses is the Black Cohosh, Cimicifuga racemosa (shown here being oviposited upon). The Summer Azure does not oviposit on this plant. Appies fly in the early portion of the Summer Azure season and have only one brood. It is much rarer even in the northern counties.

A see-through shot showing the wider margin of dark color on this female. Also on Cohosh here in Bob Barber's fine shot.

A shot from Searcy county that we thought was Appy but David Wright, one of the Appy experts thinks it may not be. Shot was cut to show the plant which is certainly not Cimicifuga. David Wright thinks it is in Hydrangeaceae which is used by the Summer Azure complex. Slightly more wing marking here on the forewing. This shot was roadside flowers and not hilltop area though Ozark hills, rich oak hickory woodlands.

And one with bee buddy at Richland Creek area.