American Lady Vanessa virginiensis

Glassberg calls this butterfly "dull orange." I have not forgiven him yet. This one appears to have understood just the sort of spot to land when carrying this particular wing coloration. Damn thing nearly vanished. One of our two Ladies, they compete each year for which will be the most common. Generally the American wins though the Painted can have huge years and collect impressively in late summer. Both species are nectar crazy and will come to anyone's yard who makes the slightest effort at flower cultivation.

This picture just makes me want to kick Glassberg's butt some more. (I know, I know another Lepidopteran hothead). Look at those subtle shades. Usually very camera skittish too. This one was watchful. Jumped with the flashes.

The stick Verbena in my front yard is a tripod shooter's dream plant, brings the butterflies right up at 5 or 6 feet in the air. Always 7 to 10 butterflies on the plant in May 2012. Lipstick red here on the forewing. And amazingly consistent patterning.

On my reliable butterfly bushes in the Round mountain yard. Yep, slapping Glassberg again.