American Snout Libytheana carinenta

The butterfly with the big schnoz. Palps half the length of the antennae. I'm not sure the classification guys know what to do with this one. Though they seem to relate it to the Emperors. And its caterpillar does eat the Hackberry tree leaf. Tends to be fairly common in Arkansas and sometimes downright abundant in some mud and water areas. Distinctive flight. Often likes to take salt from hot human skin. Kind of a likeable outcast. This one was taken in Texas where at times they can descend from the heavens by the hundreds of thousands.

Semi-famous Snout on a snout shot. Salt loving snouts do enjoy a good hot human.

Exterior fresh Snout of Tom's showing the orange patch.

Exterior with a much more variegated wing pattern.

Exterior in March 2017 up on the mountain. Not many butterflies out that day.  

Interior from SE AR. Note the central orange markings. Not a common pose for these guys.